Name Ren
Kanji 蓮(れん)
Species Kitsune
Gender Female
Birthdate May 23
Japanese Risa Kubota
English Kate Oxley
Natsume (蓮) A girl that is a perfectionist with high pride. Not only on appearance, she's also very devoted in the "beauty" of other things. She claims to "hate men", and was sexually harrassed by one in episode three. May have an extremely calm outward appearance, but is rather violent inside.

She has mutual love for her childhood friend, Natsume.

Appearance Edit

Ren is always seen wearing beautiful kimonos. She has long pink hair.

Personality Edit

Ren is always showing her sense of fashion. She despises people who do not put that much thought into their outfit. On the outside she can be someone who cares a lot; however, she has a violent interior (especially towards Yuzu). It is implied she is in love with her childhood friend Natsume, which is shown when she gets jealous if someone would try to get close to her, she'd also act passive aggressively towards Natsume when someone would get close to her.

Plot Edit

Trivia Edit

Character Designs Edit

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