Rem (蓮) A girl that is a perfectionist with high pride. Not only on appearance, she's also very devoted to the "beauty" of other things. She claims to "hate men", and was sexually harassed by one in episode three. May have an extremely calm outward appearance but is rather violent inside.

She has a mutual love for her childhood friend, Natsume.

Appearance Edit

Ren is an average girl with a pink komonoe with flower patterns and a yellow ribbon she wears white socks and brown slipers ,Ren also has long light pink hair and a darker pink ribbon on top.

Personality Edit

Ren is more of a tsundere meaning a person mean on the outside and nice in the inside,she is a girly girl and hates men who are a little to sexual shown in episode 3.

relationships Edit

Natsume- Natsume and Ren are childhood friends,its was shown that they both have feelings for each other,natsume likes to tease ren.

Yuzu- Yuzu and Ren have a mother and daughter relationship its implied that Ren can be annoyed with Yuzu,its also shown Ren always wants Yuzu to be perfect for their guest.

Satsuki- the two don`t really talk to each other that much,it is shown that Satsuki can be a little annoyed with Ren's actions.

Kiri- Kiri and Ren do not in teract alot but Kiri did cheer her up inepisode 3.

Sakura- like everyone else Sakura and Ren don't interact because Sakura is always outs

Screenshots Edit

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